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Warning regarding couples counseling: It is impossible to do effective therapy if there is physical abuse occurring in the relationship. Counseling can actually make the problem worse.  Counseling is also ineffective if a client is continuing to be involved in an ongoing affair outside of the marriage or relationship.  Addictions of any kind also hinder therapy.


This type of  counseling is beneficial whether you want to make sure your relationship is healthy and solid or whether you are in crisis and feeling hopeless.  I have significant experience in dealing with couples, especially couples facing the fallout from infidelity.  I am a therapist that believes infidelity is trauma and that it is possible for clients to experience symptoms of PTSD as a result.  I use EFT Therapy with all couples and if they are dealing with infidelity then I also suggest EMDR therapy.


These are the roughest waters for any relationship or marriage.  It is my belief that a couple absolutely needs professional help to recover from infidelity.  I consider infidelity to be trauma (not all therapists agree with me) and divorce as a death with no funeral.  I would hope no one would try to go through these experiences alone without professional help.  I can also help clients who are struggling to get out of an affair.


Depression is an illness, not a sign of a weak person.  Depression is a result of a chemical imbalance that affects the physical body as well as our mind and emotions.  It does not go away and actually tends to get worse without treatment.  If you aren't sure whether you're dealing with clinical depression or not I have an assessment you can take. 


I spent five years working with college students at five different universities in Texas and Indiana.  I have a passion for working with young people because they are making big decisions at this stage in their life.  I see clients beginning at age 18.


I engage in spiritual conversations with clients only when they request to do that in their therapy sessions.  It is unethical to impose my view on my clients but important to state that I see things through the lens of a biblical worldview.  However, my skills are to help clients solve their problems and those skills are applicable to all people of all races, religions, ethnicities and lifestyles. I do not exclude anyone from my services.  I see the human value in every client that comes my way!


Chronic pain is often a result of trauma that is stored in the body.  When we access the trauma and process it you will find your pain lessens or completely goes away.  I use EMDR therapy with these cases.


Are you ready to walk down the aisle and say "I do?"  Before you do let me help you identify areas where you might experience problems later down the road.  Every couple has them and it helps to know what they are and how to deal with them.  I use an assessment called the Prepare-Enrich.  Feel free to look it up! If you are thinking about getting engaged but want to do some assessments and personality tests to help solidify your decision I can help with that as well!  I use the Prepare Enrich for these cases too!


If we do not manage stress in our lives our bodies will eventually experience the effects.  I can help you manage and reduce stress.  Trauma happens on a scale from severe to minor but it is always stored in the body.  So whether your job causes you to experience stress and trauma on a nearly daily basis or whether another person or event(s) caused trauma in your life, there are ways to help you begin to let go of it.  I use EMDR therapy at some point for almost all of these cases.


I feel especially honored to do therapy with women who have been trapped in the world of sex and exotic dancing.  They have almost always been abused (as children and again as adults) and have stared death in the face numerous times.  I want to help you move on from your past and regain what may have been stolen from you! 


Grief and loss touch almost all of us.  No one seems to be immune.  Whether you are grieving a loved one, a pet, a relationship, a physical ability or life goal that is now gone or any kind of loss...there is hope and healing.


I am not fluent but I do have very good working conversational skills.  If you need to speak Spanish in order to express yourself more effectively in a therapy session I will understand what you are saying.  With my current clients we both switch back and forth between the two languages and it works!  I have been working on my Spanish skills since I was a teenager so I have excellent skills but still cannot claim fluency.  Ojala que un dia...


Anxiety can keep you from enjoying life and being able to handle the day to day activities of life.  I can work with you on coping techniques and help you get to the root of why you are experiencing your symptoms.

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