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Frequently Asked Questions

What is therapy like?

Answer: Coming to therapy can feel intimidating to some people but after you realize I am here to help you, hopefully you will find yourself relaxing and benefiting from confronting your problems instead of ignoring them or allowing them to dominate your life.  (And everyone has problems, yes everyone!)

Will you tell me how to solve my problem?

My job is to help you solve your problem but not to solve it for you.  Counselors are trained in problem solving skills but we don't have all the answers.  I help people identify how they think and feel about the options they have and explore with them what they think is the best decision for them.

Do you take insurance?

Answer: Yes but I am in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield only.  If you are not covered BCBS, I can give you a Superbill for possible reimbursement with your insurance carrier.

Do you do therapy with children, teenagers or elderly people?  

Answer:  I do therapy with adults of any age, beginning at age 18 and through 99+.

What is your counseling style?  

Answer:  I have been described as "direct" but I believe in treating my clients with respect and compassion, the way I want my therapist to treat me. However, I am not the type of therapist who will deprive you of hearing about things I observe because it might offend or hurt you.  I believe since you are spending valuable time and money to see change in your life you should be given the right to know what I see and that way are not robbed of the opportunity to decide what to do with that information.

What if I'm coming for relationship counseling and I'm a little nervous about you taking my spouse's side on our issues?

Answer:  My job is to be on your journey with you and your spouse/partner and help you navigate your repair process.  Taking sides won't help with that.  I also want you to come back and you won't if you don't feel I hear you or understand your side of things.

Can you do sessions over the phone or through video conference?

Answer: Yes! Teletherapy rates are the same as in person sessions.

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