I see clients with no insurance as well as those who have insurance but wish to pay privately. 


I am In-Network with Blue Cross Blue Shield.  If I am out of network for you I can provide you with a superbill to present to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

I accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express credit cards.

Initial Session/Intake (90 mins) $125

While there may be some therapy done, the Intake session is primarily for becoming acquainted, information gathering, gaining understanding of the problem and setting goals.

Regular Session  (50 mins) $100

The fee is the same no matter how many people are coming to the therapy session, whether one person, a couple or a family.

Teletherapy Session (50 mins) $100

Whether done over the telephone or via video conferencing, the fee is the same.  

Double Session (90 mins) $200

Typically this session is for clients in crisis or a client who is dealing with a recent event that they want extensive time to process.

EMDR Session (60 mins) $105

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy

Used to help clients process events that happened to them that had significant impact on their lives from a minor car crash to severe trauma and everything in between.  Also used to help clients who deal with chronic pain.


Telephone Consultation

The first 10 minutes of consultation are free.  Following that is $25 per 15 minutes.


No show or late cancellation $100

If you do not show for your appointment or you do not give me 24 hour cancellation notice I cannot fill the spot with another client so I will have to charge you for the full session.

Requests to Testify in Court  $2000/day

A $1000 deposit (for each requested day) is required one week before the court date with the balance due the day of court.

Summary of Therapy Session Notes for Court purposes $300

Reasons to Pay Privately

Many people do not want to involve insurance companies in their mental health care for several reasons.  Some insurance companies want to limit the number of sessions or the type of therapy that can be offered to a client.  Also, when insurance companies are involved confidentiality becomes practically void because anyone who handles your file at the insurance company has access to your health information.  In addition, therapists are required to provide the insurance company with a mental health diagnosis, which will become a part of your permanent health care record. 

By paying privately you are assured of the highest degree of privacy, flexibility and control of your mental health and records that is allowed by state law.  Client and therapist together can decide how often you would like to attend therapy, what kind of therapy is best for you and what you want your goals to be. You have control over your mental health care, not the insurance company.

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